Personal Website

I wanted to take ownership of my web presence and scoop up a domain related to my name as soon as possible (before someone else beat me to it!). Once I had the real estate, I was stumped with what to put here. Personal blog? Photography showcase? Digital resume?

I decided eventually to include all of the above! Between years of business school and entering the "real world" for work, I needed a creative outlet. Eventually, my site grew into a combination of both personal and professional endeavors. After all, that's what life is anyway!

Social Media

Although some people try to cultivate a persona on social media, my general strategy is . . . be yourself! The majority of my posts reflect my personal interests: travel, exploring the outdoors, pets. close friends, and bright, vivid colors.

I like to think of social media as maintaining a digital scrapbook: I post bits of inspiration, motivation, memories, yummy foods . . . I keep it simple by maintaining the theme: "what matters to ME?"


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