How to describe oneself? How to distill a lifetime worth of thought, emotion, memory and interest into a short paragraph? What I am now is a product of what and where I have been, the people I have known, the books I have read. I am a collection of moments, both profound and mundane. Life is a series of successes and tribulations, oscillating back and forth at random and subject to interpretation by the lens of emotion through which we live. 

I could identify myself by the homes in which I've lived, the places and people I have loved, the stories I've collected. When you fill in the details, maybe we seem very different from each other, you and I. But the reality of it is...we have experienced many of the same things. I believe that you, too, have laughed until your sides ached; that you have been moved to tears; you've found comfort in a familiar pair of arms. 

Are we really so separate from one another?

Madison is a 20-something Colorado native who is always on the hunt for the next adventure, and spends entirely too much time online. Addictions include coffee and cats. Notable traits include an MBA from the University of Denver, and a subconscious cleaning habit. Hobbies include indoor gardening, reading, and spontaneous dance parties. Currently working in database marketing.